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Best Cookware Sets Under $100

Do you think you have a quality cookware set just because they are expensive? Blind investment sometimes stands for waste of money. Oppositely, minimum product knowledge helps you to confirm the best pick even for a tight budget.

For instance, these 10 best cookware sets under $100  may not sound expensive but excellent. Why? Let’s dig deep to get the answer.

How To Keep Non-stick Pans Healthy For A Long Time

Here are some steps you can follow to keep your nonstick pans and pots safe for a long:

Avoid Harmful Chemical:

No wonder there are nonstick pans coated with a low-grade chemical that leaches high when overheated. Thus it loses its nonstick surface over time and creates health issues. Hence knowing the coated materials is essential.

Cook With Medium Heat:

Nonstick pans surfaces are mainly made of aluminum or ceramic material. They are chemical-free but react in high temperatures. So cook with medium heat.  It makes the dish yummier and doesn’t hamper the nonstick coating.


You have to check whether the material of the coating is PFOA-free or not. Perfluorooctanoic acid creates chemical reactions which make the food toxic while cooking. Therefore, the coating must be made of PFOA-free industrial materials so that the cooking remains healthy as you want.

Clean with Soft Hand:

Do not scrub the surface with excessive pressure while cleaning. Also, use a sponge or soft cloth instead of a steel wire scrub.

Storing and Maintenance:

Wash immediately after every time you use it. Do not leave it stale and messy. Store them in a dry place. 

Product Quicky:

If you are in a hurry or it is an emergency to buy one budget cookware, here is a verdict of the product list. If you want a quick breakfast, AmazonBasics LFFP16026 will be the best as the set is light-weighted and has basics like pans and utensils within it. On the other hand, Cook N Home 2410 has stronger nonstick pans and pots with heavy performance for Moms and food explorers.

Table of Content:

10 Best Cookware Sets Under 100 Reviews in 2022

The cookware market is now expanding its boundaries by launching a slew of new items in the same price range. As a result, you must match your ideal cookware set to your specific kitchen requirements while staying within a budget. In this article, we’ll look at the best cookware sets under $100 available today.

Best Cookware Sets Under 100

1. Editor’s Choice: Amazon Basics Non-Stick Cookware Set

Amazon Basics Non-Stick Cookware Set

This one is a cookware set that doesn’t just fit in budget but fulfills all the demands of being a universal one for every kitchen. Apparently, this cookware set is one of the best non-stick cookware sets this list contains. Also, it’s a 15-piece set that includes necessary utensils to serve pasta, soup, rice, etc.

Moreover, this set consists of two frying pans measuring 8 inches and 10 inches, which means no worries about poaching an egg or sauteing a load of veggies. Besides, the saucepans and casserole pan come in pairs of different sizes to try on various dishes.

In addition, all the pans and pots have soft-touch handles for a better grip with absolute comfort. Additionally, you will get a better view of the food inside with the tempered glass lids, and their ventilation system will keep the food moisturized.

However, this cookware set also has a notable downside. Likely, the utensils are not dishwasher safe, so you have to give them a thorough hand wash. Don’t worry, hand cleaning will not be that tough with an excellent non-stick surface. All in all, those looking for a cookware set for regular use will find this one handy.

Technical Specs:

  • Product Weight: 71 Pounds
  • Number of Utensils: 15
  • Product Material: Aluminum
  • Dishwasher safe: No
  • Induction Compatible: No
  • Lid Type: Glass

Amazon Basics Non-Stick Features:

  • The aluminum-made non-stick coated surface makes the utensils easy to use and clean.
  • All the Utensils of this set are made with BPA-free materials, so no emission of harmful chemicals.
  • Surfaces of the pots and pans have spiral construction that ensures even distribution of heat.
  • With the rubber-coated handles, all the items are easy and comfortable to handle.
  • The glass lids are vented enough to make sure the moisture of the food remains unharmed.
Why Do We Love It?
  • Non-stick coating of the utensils guarantees easy cleaning.
  • Lightweight of the items makes them handy.
  • Solid built quality makes the cookware durable enough.
What Should Improve?
  • Not so safe to use in ovens.

2. Best Design: Rachael Ray Cucina Nonstick Cookware Pots and Pans Set

Rachael Ray Cucina Nonstick Cookware Pots and Pans Set

This Rachael Ray cookware here may exceed the budget a bit, but with all the amazing features, it’s totally worth investing in. Also, the design of the pots and pans are so elegant with the enamel porcelain exterior.

Moreover, this one is a 12 piece set containing 1 and 3-quart saucepans, 6-quart stockpot, 8.5 and 10-inch frying pans, and a turner along with a spoon. As well, you will get vented glass lids for all the cookware except for the frying pans.

Additionally, the handles included with the pots and pans and the lids are all plastic coated for staying cool when in use. Besides. It reduces the risk of burning also. Furthermore, all the items of this cookware set are PFOA-free that ensures no emission of harmful chemicals in the food.

Apparently, like the Amazonbasics one, this cookware set is also not dishwasher safe. But the non-stick surface prevents sticking, so cleaning gets easier. Likewise, the items are all oven safe up to 400F, which is a plus. On the whole, this set is perfect for beginners to professionals within an affordable price range.

Technical Specs:

  • Number of Items: 12 piece
  • Material: Aluminum, Enamel Porcelain
  • Oven Safe: Up to 400F
  • Safety: PFOA free
  • Dishwasher safe: No

Rachael Ray Cucina Features:

  • The Sturdy hard porcelain exteriors ensure use without scratches and easy cleanup.
  • PFOA-free nonstick surface keeps the food nutritious, preventing the discharge of any harmful chemicals.
  • With the shatter-resistant glass lids, your concerns about breaking get reduced.
  • Attached dual-riveted rubberized stainless steel handles offer good comfort when in use.
  • All the cookware in this set is made to endure in any kind of stovetops except induction.
Why Do We Love It?
  • PFOA-free nonstick is easy to wash.
  • Enamel porcelain exterior promotes fast and even heating.
  • Rubberized stainless steel handles provide excellent grip.
What Should Improve?
  • Price exceeds the limit a bit.

3. Best for Small Kitchens: GRANITESTONE Nonstick Cookware Set

GRANITESTONE Nonstick Cookware Set

If your requirement is a compact design cookware set that comes within an affordable price range then this one would be a fine bet to take on. In the first place, this is the one on the list containing only 10 pieces of pots and pans.

However, having less items doesn’t make it less efficient but a perfect fit for small kitchens. Likewise, in this set, you will get a steamer in which you can steam veggies or make some delicious momos.

Besides, all the utensils are granite coated and non-stick in variant, which means no sticking of food. Also, the handles of the pans and pots are designed to remain cool when in use. So, no risk of burning.

In addition, all the items are safe to clean in the dishwasher so you do not have to worry about cleaning. Accordingly, without any hesitation, the utensils are all safe to put in the oven up to 500F.

Last but not the least, except for the frying pan each pot has tempered glass lids. As well, the lids are all vented to keep the food moisturized. In brief, that’s a perfect package for if you are living in a small place.

Technical Specs:

  • Number Of Items: 10 pieces
  • Material: Anodized Aluminum
  • Oven Safe: Up to 500F
  • Dishwasher Safe: Yes
  • Safety Features: PFOA Free

GRANITESTONE Nonstick Features:

  • The utensils with their multilayer nonstick surface prevent the food from sticking and make the cleaning easier.
  • With even surface heating technology, the distribution of heat remains in a balanced way.
  • Attached stay cool handles of the items makes them risk free to use.
  • The pots and pans come with vented lids to keep the food moisturized.
  • All items in the set are oven safe so you can cook early with ease.
Why Do We Love It?
  • It comes with a stainless steel steamer for veggies.
  • All the pieces are dishwasher safe.
  • The aluminum body is scratch-proof.
What Should Improve?
  • Not the best fit for big kitchens.

4. Best for Professional Use: Farberware High-Performance Nonstick Cookware Pots and Pans Set

Farberware High-Performance Nonstick Cookware Pots and Pans Set

This Farberware cookware set here is the complete opposite of the Granitestone by having 17-pieces of pots and pans together. Also, it is the biggest cookware set in the budget range we have.

Moreover, this cookware set has a 5-quart covered dutch oven, 8-inch skillet, 11-inch square griddle, medium cookie pan, and different types of cooking spoons. So, under the budget of 100, you are getting almost everything you need for your kitchen.

In addition, in the frying pans you will get a dotted surface which creates air pockets which keeps the distribution of heat even and prevent food from sticking. Also, all the pots and pans are oven safe, apparently the cookie pan is up to 450F and the other ones are up to 350F.

Eventually, there’s a downside of the items is you can’t go rough when cleaning as it can harm the surface.

Furthermore, if you are thinking about the material then it’s aluminum but doesn’t worry it will not come directly in contact with the food because of the non-stick coating. That’s why no emission of harmful chemicals in the food. Considering all the facts, this set here is the best deal within the budget of $100.

Technical Specs:

  • Product Weight: 76 Pounds
  • Number of Utensils: 17
  • Product Material: Aluminum
  • Oven Safe: Up to 350F, Cookie pan 450F
  • Dishwasher safe: Yes
  • Induction Compatible: No
  • Lid Type: Glass

Farberware High-Performance Features:

  • The surface of the utensils is constructed with heavy-duty aluminum that heats faster.
  • With the double-riveted handles it becomes easier to hold and handle the pots and pans.
  • All the items are non-stick coated in the inner so the food doesn’t get stuck.
  • It becomes easier to cook food with proper heat with the dimpled surface of the frying pan and dutch oven.
  • Added tempered glass lids of the pots are durable enough and scratch-resistant.
Why Do We Love It?
  • The dotted surface promotes even heating.
  • Glass lids help to seal heat and moisture.
  • Nonstick system prevents food from sticking.
What Should Improve?
  • Doesn’t work on an induction cooktop.

5. Best for College Students: Blue Diamond Cookware Diamond-Infused Ceramic cookware set

Blue Diamond Cookware Diamond-Infused Ceramic cookware set

Another 10 piece cookware set with an amazing blue finish is this blue diamond one we have. This set is a perfect combination of elegance with performance with its diamond-infused ceramic non-stick coating.

Additionally, the coating on the utensils is so sturdy that will last way longer than any other cookware in a reasonable price range. Moreover, the diamond coating is faster at conducting heat than copper or any other material so you don’t have to wait for long to put the food in.

Furthermore, if you are thinking about food safety then you’ll be glad to know that this cookware set is the most secure one on this list. Likely, all the utensils are free from PFAS, PFOA, lead, and cadmium emission.

Also, the heat tolerance level of the pot and pans is up to 600F in the oven or broiler. In matters of cleaning, every item of the set is dishwasher safe and hardy enough to tolerate rough usage.

In addition, the riveted stainless steel handles add to the utensils remain cool when in use. But, because of not having rubber coating they are not comfortable to hold for long. Besides, it can slip if it gets too oily.

The thing is, nothing is 100 percent, and focusing on the other amazing features of this cookware set, this one is one of the best cookware sets under $100.

Technical Specs:

  • Material: Diamond infused ceramic
  • Number of Items: 10
  • Oven safe: Up to 600F
  • Induction Safe: No
  • Dishwasher safe: Yes

Blue Diamond Cookware Features:

  • With the diamond-infused ceramic non-stick coating the cookwares are so durable to use for a long.
  • The items can tolerate a high amount of heat in any kind of stovetop including the Oven.
  • These utensils are constructed so smartly ensuring no emission of harmful substances.
  • All the items in the set are dishwasher safe so cleaning becomes easier.
  • The stainless steel handles are designed to stay cool means safety from burning is assured.
Why Do We Love It?
  • Sturdy in looks and durable in construction.
  • Anti-scratch surfaces are easy to clean.
  • Tolerates high amounts of heat in the oven.
What Should Improve?
  • Handles feel a bit uncomfortable for long use.

6. Best Stainless Steel Cookware: Cook N Home 2410 Stainless Steel 12-Piece Cookware Set

Cook N Home 2410 Stainless Steel 12-Piece Cookware Set

Are you too concerned about the health of your family? And thinking about buying a cookware set that is all made of Stainless steel? Then this set by the cook n home is more than perfect.

Anyway, there’s a bit of a risk of food sticking as the pots and pans don’t have any non-stick coating. But knowing the right way to cook food in stainless steel cookware can reduce the risk.

Also, the utensils this set contains are all of the regular use: a 1.5qt saucepan, 1.5 and 2 qt casserole pans, 3 qt casserole pot, 5.5 qt stockpot, and a 10 inch frying pan. Means no extra adding to kill space in your kitchen.

Besides, every pot and pan has vented glass lids with rubber-coated handles, even the frying pan which is quite rare. In addition, for even distribution of heat, the outer surface of the items has aluminum disk layers so direct contact with aluminum of the food.

Apparently, the utensils in the set are induction safe and good to put in any kind of stove, but they are not dishwasher safe, so some hand washing will be required after cooking. On the whole, keeping the odds aside this set is the best stainless steel cookware under $100.

Technical Specs:

  • Product Weight: 3 Pounds
  • Number of Utensils: 12
  • Product Material: Stainless Steel
  • Oven Safe: No
  • Dishwasher safe: No
  • Induction Compatible: Yes

Cook N Home 2410 Features:

  • The stainless steel finish keeps the items shining for a long and prevents the emission of harmful chemicals.
  • All the items on the set are safe to put on the induction cooktop so no issues with late cooking.
  • Along with the thick bottom of the pots and pans, the food remains safe from burning.
  • Elegant silver exterior finish allows the utensils to look new, always preventing color from degrading.
  • The handles of the items are ergonomically designed to feel comfortable when in use.
Why Do We Love It?
  • Lightweight and elegant looking.
  • Riveted silicon handles are highly durable.
  • Items are induction safe due to an aluminum surface.
What Should Improve?
  • Not suitable to use in ovens.

7. Best Budget: GreenLife Soft Grip Healthy Ceramic Nonstick, Cookware Pots, and Pans Set

GreenLife Soft Grip Healthy Ceramic Nonstick, Cookware Pots, and Pans Set

This Greenlife cookware set is the second biggest set on the list after the Farberware one. And by the looks and finish this one is my personal favorite. With its amazing non-stick ceramic coating it is the one that perfectly fits amazingly in island kitchens.

Moreover, this set contains all the necessary items except for the dutch oven and the cookie pan. The most unique items this set has are the 4 inches mini frying pan and 1-quart saucepan. Likely, finding such small utensils in the cookware sets is quite rare which are perfect for one person.

Furthermore, the ceramic-coated non-stick surface is easy to clean and there is absolutely no risk of food sticking. Besides, in the steamer of the set, you can have some delicious momos or steamed vegetables.

In addition, the soft grip bakelite handles of the pots and pans ensure full safety when using. Apparently, the items in this set are dishwasher safe but you do not have to use it as the food remains wipes away just with water splashes.

Anyway, there’s a major drawback of the pots and pans there which is, the lids are not vented so the steam gets jammed inside. However, if we compare other features with this one lack then this set is absolutely worthy to spend on.

Technical Specs:

  • Product Weight: 72 Pounds
  • Number of Utensils: 16
  • Product Material: Recycled Aluminum
  • Oven Safe: Up to 350F
  • Dishwasher safe: Yes
  • Induction Compatible: No

GreenLife Soft Grip Features:

  • The ceramic non-stick coating on the pots and pans prevents sticking and scratching.
  • With the plastic-coated handles it becomes easy to work with the utensils on the stovetop.
  • Comes with a stainless steel steamer that lasts long without any kind of rust and stains.
  • All the items in the set are safe to wash in the dishwasher so no worry with washing.
  • Durable glass lids can endure large amounts of heat and lasts for a long.
Why Do We Love It?
  • Made of recycled aluminum and promotes 60% less CO2 emission.
  • Ceramic nonstick coating is free of toxic materials.
  • Easy to clean with a gentle wash.
  • Soft grip handles stay cool for a prolonged time.
What Should Improve?
  • Lids are not vented.

8. Best Compact Outlook: Goodful Premium Non-Stick Cookware Set

Goodful Premium Non-Stick Cookware Set

No colorful finish, no extravagant features, just all black and elegant in looks is this goodful premium Non-stick cookware set. This one is a 12-piece cookware set containing two frying pans measuring 8 and 10 inches, a 2-quart saucepan, a dutch oven, a stepper basket, a griddle pan, a turner, and a spoon both made with bamboo.

All the pots and the pans in this set are non-stick coated which ensures no sticking and easy cleaning with mild rub. Also, the construction of the coating is made PFOA free so no risk of chemical emission in the food.

Moreover, all the cookwares of this set are dishwasher safe so you do not have to worry about the cleaning. And, from the glass lids you can keep your food always on a watch. Besides, the lids are all vented to keep the food moisturized and the handles are designed to remain cool when in use.

Furthermore, the steamer is all made with stainless steel. So, you do not have to worry about any kind of rust. All in all, except for stylish looks this set is worthy to be called the best one and fit for all.

Technical Specs:

  • Product Weight: 14 Pounds
  • Number of Utensils: 12
  • Product Material: Aluminum
  • Oven Safe: No
  • Safety: PFOA free
  • Dishwasher safe: Yes
  • Induction Compatible: No

Goodful Premium Features:

  • All the items in this set come with a diamond reinforced coating that ensures no emission of harmful chemicals and prevents sticking.
  • The spiral pattern of the bottoms of the pots and pans keeps the heat distribution evenly balanced.
  • Each utensil is equipped with a comfortable stay to cook ergonomically designed handle to ensure comfort when in use.
  • It becomes easier to observe the food from the transparent vented glass lids.
  • Included wooden spoons of the set are durable and healthy to use.
Why Do We Love It?
  • Spiral pattern on the bottom helps distribute heat evenly.
  • The transparent glass lids are well-vented.
  • Features a rust-resistant stainless steel steamer.
What Should Improve?
  • Heavier than other products.

9. Best Overall: T-fal Ultimate Hard Anodized Nonstick 12 Piece Cookware Set

T-fal Ultimate Hard Anodized Nonstick 12 Piece Cookware Set

The cookware of T-fal has always been in the first priority of professional users with their amazing features and durability. This ultimate hard-anodized non-stick cookware is not anything different from the other ones.

Additionally, this set contains 12 pieces of metal utensils that are all decorated with vented glass lids except for the frying pans. Also, the base layer of the pots and pans are covered with many protective layers that are scratch and corrosion-resistant.

Besides, all the handles are made with hard plastic with a smooth finish that remains cool on touch and offers a firm grip for its users. For extras, the pans have a thermo spot indicator that turns red when fully heated.

Apart from the induction stovetops, they are good to put over any stovetop. Even in the oven, the items can tolerate heat up to 400F. Furthermore, the PFOA-free build of the utensils ensures no emission of harmful substances like lead and cadmium.

Last but not the least, the pots and pans are designed with spots that create air pockets for the food and guarantee an even distribution of heat. Briefly, this best heavy-duty nonstick cookware here is the one with the few drawbacks and best performance that fits for a professional to beginner any use.

Technical Specs:

  • Number of Utensils: 12
  • Product Material: Anodized Aluminum
  • Oven Safe: Up to 400F
  • Safety: PFOA, Lead, Cadmium free
  • Dishwasher safe: Yes
  • Induction Compatible: No

T-fal Ultimate Hard Anodized Features:

  • The thermo spot technology used in the pans and pots makes them verily usable in the induction cooktops.
  • With riveted silicone handles the items of the set are very comfortable to handle.
  • All the items are safe to put in the dishwasher so cleaning becomes easier.
  • Construction of the utensils is hard anodized so no issues with durability.
  • Vented tempered glass linds ensure the perfect moisture of the food.
Why Do We Love It?
  • Solid material offers long usability.
  • Corrosion and scratch-resistant nonstick surface.
  • Long handlebars are riveted and heat-resistant.
What Should Improve?
  • Frypan doesn’t come with lids.

10. Best Classic Design: GOTHAM STEEL Pots and Pans 12 Piece Cookware Set

GOTHAM STEEL Pots and Pans 12 Piece Cookware Set

The final product on the list with the simplest finish and ultra ceramic non-stick coating. In this set you will get an 8.5” skillet, 10.5” frying pan, 5-quart stockpot, 1.5-quart saucepan, 2.5-quart saucepan, XL aluminum steamer insert for 5-quart pot, bonus shallow square frying pan.

Moreover, except for the frying pan, all the pots and pans are with tempered glass lids which are durable enough to sustain high heat and give you the opportunity to keep an eye on the food inside.

Also, because of the ceramic coating, the cleaning process becomes easier. Likewise, the handles are specially designed with hollow inside to remain cool during usage. Besides, the stainless steel steamer gives you the option to try on different steamed foods.

Now, if you are concerned about the durability then you will be happy to know that the ceramic coating is hard enough to stand any kind of spatulas, whisks, and spoons. Briefly, this one set here is the compact and best fit in the budget.

Technical Specs:

  • Product Weight: 17.16 Pounds
  • Number of Utensils: 12
  • Product Material: Aluminum
  • Oven Safe: Up to 500F
  • Dishwasher safe: Yes
  • Induction Compatible: No

GOTHAM STEEL Pots and Pans Features:

  • The non-stick ceramic coating helps to keep the food healthy and ensures it doesn’t get stuck.
  • All the handles of the pots and pans are made with stainless steel so no risk of burning heat.
  • Corners of tempered glass lids are sealed with rubber to prevent the unwanted release of steam.
  • You can use any kind of spatula or spoons on the sturdy surface of the pan without scratching.
  • Cooking is possible in pots and pans without any kind of oil.
Why Do We Love It?
  • Smooth surfaces deliver excellent food release.
  • Pan can withstand metal spoons, spatula, and whisks.
  • Sturdy material can tolerate a high amount of heat.
What Should Improve?
  • Looks very basic in design.

How to Choose A Perfect Cookware Set Under $100

Perfect cookware sets are those that serve best with no side effects. Cookware sets vary by their build materials, design and shape, and so on. Stainless steel made cookware with the proper mix of aluminum dominates the market at present. Apart from, cast iron, copper and hard anodized aluminum-made cookwares are good with their advantages and disadvantages.

How to Choose A Perfect Cookware Set Under $100

Besides building materials, good quality cookware sets come with the following:

Heat distribution:

Even heat distribution confirms the food cooked well. It occurs when you choose the right cookware sets for the kind of stove you have. In other words, cookware that fits well on a gas stove will not be the same for the electric coil one. Even heat distribution also varies based on the building materials. For instance, Aluminum and stainless steel are some of the best heat conductors.


Reactivity means the response and behavior the pots and pans show against the heat. Some pots get ignited faster as soon as they come in contact with the heat, some take time. But that doesn’t mean they react well. If they get overheated they may start to leach chemicals or melt to be mixed with food.

Moreover,  some metals might not be good for certain foods. Aluminum, for instance, reacts with acidic foods. So picking the right pot for various dishes can reduce the risk.


The combination of the money you invested and what you get in return is important. Study the features and advantages with care and invest using sense to make the deal worth it.


Durability depends on the finish and construction materials. Know the grade of the materials used in constructing the cookware. For instance, 18/10 grade stainless steel along with a Premium finish can confirm the sturdiness and durability. 


Choice and preference vary from person to person. But as Keats says ‘ truth is beauty, beauty is truth’ go for the cookware sets that have a universal appeal in their design. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When the budget is small and demand is quality then questions may arise in the mind. Here are some of the most asked questions about the best cookware sets under 100.

Which is better glass lids or stainless steel lids?

Answer: In the matter of looks and ease of food monitoring the glass lids are better options. But the stainless steel lids offer the best durability.

Is aluminum cookware safe?

Answer: Yes, aluminum cookwares are totally safe to cook foods. All the bad things about aluminum to date were rumors. However, acidic foods can react more in aluminum cookware. So it is better not to use them in the aluminum cookware.

Is ceramic cookware better than nonstick?

Answer: Both the ceramic and nonstick cookware are safe and good to use. The only difference between them is, the ceramic cookware has better heat retention.

What are the common cookware materials?

Answer: The most common cookware materials available are, Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminum, cast iron, ceramic, carbon steel, etc.

It is better to buy each piece individually or a complete set?

Answer: If you want to buy the cookware items individually then it can cost more than the set. However, if you are living in a small space then buying individually is the best option.


Whatever your budget, you’ll be able to get the best cookware set under $100 without going broke. This buyer’s guide offers a comprehensive selection of the finest cookware sets under $100, which includes some of the most popular and well-known names in the market.

Take your time when choosing a cookware set because it will likely be the foundation for many of your future culinary excursions. Choosing a cookware set that gives you the most bang for your buck.


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